Kicked Over

This Daily Doodle accompanied my facebook status I posted over a month ago –

I was walking along the seawall and a man who passed me said, “If you walk any slower, you would be going backwards”… Sigh… Do I need to wear a shirt that says “My apologies for walking slow, I have cancer in my left leg. Please go around”? Thanks random stranger for ruining my “walk”… I a little sad 🙁

I felt like a tipped over pylon which no longer served a purpose, causing more of an obstruction than helping to direct traffic. The speech bubbles represent the comments from people passing by, sometimes a polite “excuse me” and sometimes, a comment like the one I received that day. Now, I am a bit self conscious of how fast I walk and when I was offered a cane by my physiotherapist, part of me wanted to take it just so I had a prop so people will let me walk at my own pace…

One thought on “Kicked Over

  1. Mokey Mo on

    I wish I could doodle like you! It is such whimsical ART and I bet it is so very cathartic for a med student!

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