This Daily Doodle represents depression and it is inspired by an illustration published in JAMA on Bipolar Disorder, which I featured in an earlier doodle (Feb 22, 2012). Unlike Bipolar Disorder, depression does not have the elevated state of mania.

The baseball cap is a visual trigger to help me remember the mnemonic for the criteria for depression: M SIG E CAPS (5 or more).

M – Mood: depressed mood most days
S – Sleep: insomnia or hyper-insomnia
I – Interest: loss of interest or pleasure
G – Guilt: feeling worthless, inappropriate guilt
E – Energy: fatigue or loss of energy
C – Concentration: decreased concentration
A – Appetite: significant weight loss or weight gain
P – Psychomotor: agitation or retardation
S – Suicidal ideastion

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