This Daily Doodle features the Homunculus of the Primary Motor Cortex. The primary motor cortex is a strip of the brain that is responsible for body movement. It is located anterior to the central sulcus, a prominent landmark that separates the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain.

The Homunculus is a pictorial representation of the functions of the various areas of the primary motor cortex. For example, the part of the brain that controls the movement of the hand is located directly below the homunculus’ hand. Because of the complexity and dexterity of the hands, a greater section of the brain is responsible for its movement compared to the torso, for example.

This is just a quick simplified version of the Primary Motor Homunculus. The median longitudinal fissure is much deeper than it is shown here and contains the entire leg and “other” parts of the human body… 

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