GI Layers

First day of 2nd year! 

The GI block started off with an overview of the GI tract histology and then a lecture on neuromuscular control of gut motility. This doodle represents the different layers of the GI tract that we covered in histology. Starting from the lumen filled with food (which is inaccurately depicted as undigested), we have the mucosa, which contains the epithelium lining, the lamina propria and the muscularis mucosae. The blue layer is the submucosa and the white net of white nerves is the submucosa plexus. The next two layers form the muscularis externa. Adjacent to the blue submucosa, there is an inner circular muscle and peeled back is another layer of outer longitudinal muscle. The white net of nerves inbetween the two muscular layers is called the myenteric plexus.

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