Gross Anatomy Elective!

This Daily Doodle marks the start of my fourth year Gross Anatomy Elective!  This elective is designed to give medical students time and opportunity to explore and review cadaver based gross anatomy, perfect for students interested in surgical disciplines with a mixture of academic study and research combined with hands-on practical cadaveric anatomical experiences! 

During my elective, I will focus on the urogenital and cardiovascular systems with some muscle-skeletal mixed in.

A general introduction to some of my favorite organs that I will be exploring further during the elective, in no particular order:

    • Heart – This muscular organ has been the center of my art since starting medical school. I have doodled, sketched, painted and sculpted the heart over and over in attempt to learn more about this beautiful organ. It sings, it dances and it sometimes flutters about. It races with excitement, but mostly, it just paces along. A symbol of love, care and warmth – how sweet!
    • Kidneys – These cute bean-shaped organs might look simple from the outside, but what a surprise when they are opened up! Multiple caves and tunnels with a long tube-slide down to the bladder. Not only do they create and filter urine, they regulate electrolytes, participate in acid-base balance, stimulate RBC production, control blood-pressure via the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system… so many functions! No wonder the body keeps them well insulated in perirenal fat and wrapped in a blanket of Gerota’s fascia and tucked neatly  into the retroperitoneum.
    • Bladder – A muscular balloon like bag that collects urine. It’s amazing, you don’t really think about your bladder until you really got to go! It puts up with a lot, literally! With its unique rugae wall design it can withstand all sorts of volumes. When urine starts to collect and build up, the rugae start to flatten out and the bladder walls begin to stretch allowing more fluid to accumulate without a significant rise in internal pressure. Amazing! But, when this organ gets irritated, it certainly lets you know – polyuria, dysuria, hematuria, urge, incontinence…. 



“Gross Anatomy Elective!” Daily Doodle by Michiko Maruyama



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