Michiko Maruyama


About Michiko Maruyama, MD., BDes Engineering:

Michiko Maruyama graduated from the University of British Columbia Northern Medical Program in 2015 and she was accepted into the Cardiac Surgery Residency Program at the University of Alberta.  Prior to starting medical school, Michiko completed an Industrial Design degree (Engineering Route) at the University of Alberta. Michiko continues to actively explore and integrate medicine, art and design.

ArtofLearning.ca highlights the artwork that Michiko has completed during the course of her undergraduate medical education and features a few projects from her design portfolio.






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  1. Hey,

    I’m an MS3 in Florida, and I ended up using some of your pictures for a presentation (with credits of course). I just wanted to message you because I was really excited to see that other medical students don’t give up drawing (I’m currently illustrating a neuroanatomy guide), and also I thought it was really great of you to share your stuff. So thank you, and I hope medical school is treating you well!


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