Glomerulus Illustration Series

I was asked to create a series of drawings illustrating the anatomy of the kidney including views of renal macro-vasculature, renal arterioles, glomerulus with vascular focus, glomerulus with focus on podocytes and Bowman’s space and tubule views. In addition, I illustrated the different glomerular diseases including minimal-change disease, GN, IgA nephropathy, Wegner, Goodpasture and several more. This project is in conjunction with Dr. Jason Waechter, founder of

Further development of these illustrations into online modules for is being explored.


glomerulus  michiko maruyama

glomerulus corpuscle open michiko maruyama

glomerulus open cross sesction Michiko Maruyama 1

glomerulus Michiko line drawing 1

Glomerulus_v02 1



The computer vectorization of my hand drawn sketches was completed by the team of graphic artists and webdesigners at

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