About Daily Doodles

At the end of each day, I sit and I think about everything that I had learned from morning till night and I transform it into a “Daily Doodle.” By combining studying and drawing, each doodle acts as a learning tool and a creative exercise.

Please note that I am still in the learning process and that my doodles may not be accurate. If you find any errors, please send me an email so that I can learn from my mistakes! (michiko.maruyama@gmail.com)


This is what my imagination does to my lecture notes… This photo shows the relative size of each daily doodle. They are quite small – the size of half a standard flash card. I have stacks of doodles!






2 thoughts on “About Daily Doodles

  1. Wow, love your site. my young son constantly draws and needs to go to the next level and color his pictures. What do you use? Markers, pastels, a computer? I have no artistic ability, but I know your style is what he is most like. He’s 13. Cc

    • michiko on

      Thank you Cathy. I use prismacolour pencil crayons with a fine tip sharpie pen for the black outlines. They are great because they blend easily and are very vibrant in color. Prismacolor also makes amazing drafting markers which I use to use often as an industrial designer.

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